Thursday, 24 July 2014

Waffle House, Miri

Went to a new place for lunch today. 
Heard quite a few good review on it so decided to give it a try today.
Anyone been to the newly opened Waffle House at CentrePoint Phase 1 area?
(located behind Lorenzo)

 Price is reasonable for waffle I guess.
Maybe I was giving a high expectation to it so I end up quite disappointed.
Wasn't really as good as I thought it'll be. 

 All the menu are about "WAFFLES" obviously..

 Grandma's Lamb Stew
It's so hard to find a good lamb stew in Miri. This one taste so-so for me.
Still prefer the one at Pete's Deli..

 Waffle-wish Corned Beef.
Interesting way of having a waffle. 
This is probably the most satisfying dish I had. Like how it tasted a little salty + sweet at the same time
(btw, the served me the waffle with the knife that way. I didn't make it that way)

 Tomato Chicken.
Ordinary taste like u can get it anywhere else.

Milk waffle.
I would recommend to try the waffles at Mayland (Permaisure Mall) instead rather than here.
The Waffles here are more crispy kind while the ones in Mayland are softer and taste somehow better for me. 

Giving this shop a 2 out of 5.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Terrible 3

Little G has finally turned 3 years old.
As they say, she has finally entered the "terrible 3" so here comes my nightmare.

Had a pre-birthday cake blowing session at my parent's house for her during her birthday eve.
There is just something about candle blowing that fascinates my daughter. 

Time flies when you are having fun. Never noticed that 3 years has gone by. 
The next thing u know, I'll probably be at my daughter's wedding already =.='
Oh.. time please slow down!! I don't want her to leave my bed side so soon~!! 

After that, we head home & grandpa told Giselle he left her a surprise gift inside the bedroom. Not wasting her time she rushed upstair to see what it is and found this gigantic kitty laying on her bed.
Spoilt brat. 

September 11, 2013
3 years ago on the exact date I was in labour pain trying to bring this little girl out into this world & now we're celebrating her birthday with a bunch of her friends at HER school!!
It was too rush for us to prepare much of a party for her as we just came back from our family trip 2 days ago so only managed to buy a cake and have a simple celebration.
Have to make sure I prepare at least a week early for her next birthday celebration in year 2014. 

Thank you ELC teachers, for making the day memorable for her :o) 
Just for extra info, most of the students beside her are a year older than her, that's why the big difference in size.

My dumb-looking little girl!!
Mommy love u to every bits!!

That's her favorite Teacher SooWen putting a celebration hat on her.
I seriously need to make a lesson out of this so I can make a better celebration for her next year =.='

Happy Birthday darling~!
All the best wishes from us & ELC. 

Brought her back from school early that day to have some girl's time with her :o)
And yes, she was really excited to go home earlier than expected! 

 At night, it was a simple dinner celebration with the Ongs.
The kids were singing birthday song for her in a loud tone.. lol..
I'm sure Dynasty Restaurant is terrified by now with all our kids screaming and running every single year.

Our next generation in the making.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

SapuraKencana Family Fest Event 2013

My new company organized their very first Family Fest Event in KL for all their staff so almost everything are sponsored~!!
A great opportunity to bring my girl & hubby out for a short holiday!
My girl was so excited that she couldn't sleep the night before =.='
It's been a while since she last flew so can't blame her for feeling all pumped up.

All dress up in pink with her Hello Kitty bag & jumpsuit.
And not forgetting her fav little Poney luggage bag. 
She had everyone staring at her when she drag her bag around airport doing the "Paris Hilton walk"
Gosh.. where the heck did she learn this from! I swear I'm not as poise as her at ALL!!

 Upon reaching KL, all poise were gone! LOL!!
She was screaming at me to take off her clothing cause the cab's air-cond should either be broken or he is just too stingy to turn up the temperature!! DAMN u driver~!!
My lil' girl was all exhausted after all the shouting & playing in the plane =.='


After checking in our nice hotel (which I forgot to take picture =.=')
We had to head straight to the company event as it starting at 4pm.

Registration Area.
I was quite impressed with what they have done for the Family Fest event as it was 100% much better than I thought it would be.  
All of us got goodie bags upon registration that comes in a backpack with a big umbrella, hand logo fan, big picnic mat & a towel.

Everything was well organized inside.
They have constant free flows of food & drinks all around the field.
LOTS of games & entertainment for kids at all age.
Photo Booth!
Face Painting & Art Craft with Magic Shows.
Manicure & Hair-do sections. 
Concerts - where they invite famous local artist.
Not to mentioned even Reflexology for everyone~ which I bloody had no idea about until I came back to the office & my colleagues told me about it~!! 

Lil' G had her face painted as a pink rabbit. 
We went straight to the photo booth for a family photo taking session after she had this done.
Not planning to show the picture here as I don't think we all look fab' enuf.. LOL..

Giselle really had a great time at the event.
She refused to go home.

With all those gigantic bouncer around the field, just imagine the running I had to do just to catch up with this little monster of mine =.=' 

They have pop up stores giving out free popcorn & finger food all around.
It's nice to have a family event like this once a while.
Hubby was busy trying out all food & drinks around the field while Giselle was busy checking out all the bouncers - Mommy was the one tired running around taking care of these 2. 

But then again, all is worth it to see the smile she had on her face :o)

Around 5pm, the rain start pouring down and we had no choice but to go inside the hut to have our dinner - yea, they even had a buffet dinner served for everyone.
 Thank You SapuraKencana.
We had a great time at the Family Fest.
Hope to see u again next year!!


When we were done with the event, which we didn't stayed until the end, we head to Midvalley to check out some building material for the new house.

(sorry for the terrible look as we were really tired after the event)
Thank God for strollers to rent.
If we had to carry this girl for another minute I think we both will need a full body massage the next day. 

Then we head down to the famous chinese restaurant down at the ground floor - beside Cititel Hotel.
Long Q at the restaurant where we plan to dine in.
Lil'G was crying asking for her "yeh-yeh" just in case if ur wondering what's with the swollen eyes & red nose - guess she was just very tired after all the fun she had.

One thing to cheer up my crying baby?
Do lotsa crazy photo shooting for her and it's done.
Vain-ness to the max?

After all of the craziness, it's finally DINNER TIME!!
We were really starving =.='

Their famous "xiao long bao"
Don't have time to snap the other dishes as we were all starving!! LOL..

Something sweet for dessert to end the dinner. 
 Then we head straight back to our hotel at Royale Bintang Damansara. 
 (highly recommended if ur planning to go bring your kids to Kidzania)

My daughter still dreaming of the fun she had at the family fest. HAHA.
Insist me to snap a photo of her with the picnic mat.
I think she is definitely in love with SapuraKencana now. 


We were planning to wake up at 7:30am and yet my both big & small pig are still sleeping at 9am =.='

Today we're out with hubb's friend, Chee Wai & family.
The plans is just eat & shop. 
First stop was KLCC. Bring the kids straight to the toys corner upon reaching KLCC.

Wanted to much to buy the LINE soft toys but it was too pricey for me selling at RM79.90 EACH!!
So nah.. just a photo will do the trick.
Lil'G got herself a big ice cream making play-doh set. 

 While waiting for hubbs to finish chit chatting with friends, bought G over for some rides inside the mall.

Then we head over to the famous food court down at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang~!!
Famous kueh tiaw, bak kut teh, beef ball & noodles here we come!!

My mom & my favorite - the beef meat ball~!!

After the meal, we shop a little before going back to Chee Wai's house to rest before we head out for dinner again =.='
I don't even want to weight myself now.

Dinner for the night was all about SEAFOOD.
Imma likey here.. life!

Last day in KL - the final few hours before we head home.
I promised my daughter I'll bring her to Kidzania for her 3 years old birthday present so now I'm fulfilling my words :o)

 Kidzania is a theme park whereby the kids can learn to play different roles in life.
Firemen, Policemen, Doctors, Pilot, Baker & almost everything u can imagine.

And it's worth it~!! 
But just make sure ur kids is at least 4years old cause most of the rides there are only available for kids about 4.

 Noticed there were a lots of groups of students came here.
Educational & Fun at the same time.
Only kids are allowed to go on the rides here & also enter the premises but unless ur child is under 4yrs old then u could have an adult accompanying them.

 Upon entering Kidzania, u need to first cash in ur cheque to obtain some Kidzo (cash in Kidzania) at their CIMB Bank.

 Next to the bank was the Police Station.
Everything here is designed to fit a child's size.
Want to be a policeman for a day? Well, here is the place for u.

If u really let the kids run this place. I'm sure we will have blackouts everyday.

Nippon Paint Factory.
Very impressed with their designs. 

The kidzania store where u can buy goodies with REAL money.
This is also the exit from kidzania. 

 Entrance Fee for toddlers are RM35 each.
Adults are RM35 each.
But however, for kids aged 4 and above entrance fee will be RM60 each.

Dentist office.
Guess not much kids would want to "work" here. LOL. 

Lil'G was in a grumpy mood cause she can't join most of the rides/ stores cause she is UNDERAGE!!
So I think it's only better to bring your kids over after they turn 4yrs old.

Trying to put out the fire at the hotel~!!
Firewoman Giselle Ong to the rescue.

The only store that kept my girl entertain the whole time.
The Urbano's House.
She was busy cooking inside the kitchen pretending she's the lady of the house =.='

We left Kidzania after an hr or so.
Then we head over to KL Tower for a visit & do some last minute shopping before heading up to the airport.

Lil'G bringing home some frozen Disney mooncake for the people back home. 
Lil G was asking me, "Mommy, can we just stay at the hotel? I don't want to go home forever"

 Still managed to win herself some more toys from me upon reaching the airport =.='
I'm too weak. Who can actually say no to those eyes? 

 Very concentrate watching the safety video onboard eh?
Actually she was watching Tom & Jerry until the announcement came in interrupting.
I seriously think I have the cutest baby alive!! Ok, every parents says the same thing. I know. 

Touch down in Miri. Finally. 11.30pm
By the time we all crash into bed it was already 1am =.='

I'm zombified at work today.